Our path to success

A history of innovation

OTTO Cosmetic has always been characterized for innovative solutions and nourishing products. Since its founding in 1977, the range of services has grown steadily. OTTO Cosmetic represents quality in contract manufacturing and contract filling. As a competent partner for branded providers and a manufacturer of personal hygiene and cleaning products, we offer all services from one source; from the idea to the finished product.

2020 // Development of recyclable stand-up pouches

  • In order to make stand-up pouches recyclable, different film compositions are being tested.
2020 // Additional capacities for stand-up pouches

  • Another stand-up pouch filling machine was installed in Q4, which works by ultrasonic welding and is compatible with a large number of different sustainable films.
2020 // Water treatment plant is installed

  • In the summer of 2020, a water treatment system was installed that uses reverse osmosis to filter the salts contained in the water.
2019 // Development of 50ml sachets for hair treatment

  • Small stand-up pouches for hair treatments and face masks were successfully established on the market for a leading consumer goods company.
2019 // Expansion of manufacturing

  • Due to this investment, an additional raw material can be stored in the tank and automatically dosed into all production tanks, which makes the process easier and at the same time safer.
2018 // Expansion of manufacturing

  • Another production tank with a capacity of 10 tons expands the bulk production capacities.
  • An adjacent site was acquired as an extension area.
2018 // Development of Ultra Sensitive formulations

  • A product range with mild ingredients was developed and placed on the market especially for sensitive skin, which has been tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association.
2017 // Increase of Production and filling capacities

  • In order to meet the increased demand, we have installed another bottle filling machine with sleeve unit and provided the manufacturing department with additional bulk production tanks. An investment was also made in order to dose solid raw materials automatically and therefore make processes safer.
  • The production was expanded with a central palletizer for 3 filling machines.
2017 // 40 Years OTTO

  • In 2017 Otto Cosmetic was able to look back on its 40th anniversary and celebrated this with a summer party for employees and their families.
2016 // Tube filling system installed

  • At the end of the year the product range was expanded and a tube filling system was installed.
2016 // Go-Live SAP

  • In May, after a long period of preparation, the IT was restructured and successfully converted to SAP B1 with an add-on for mixed operations with batch processing.
2015 // New production hall

  • The entire project to expand the hall including tank storage and pipeline construction was completed within 9 months, almost doubling the entire production area and offering free space for further filling systems in the future.
2015 // New filling line with automatic final packaging

  • At the end of 2015 our new filling line with automatic final packaging will start operating. This facility is the latest addition to our ongoing capacity expansion.
  • It will allow us to fill an additional 35 to 40 million units per year.
  • The filling line is connected to an in-line PET bottle blower. This technology will allow us to blow PET-preforms into freely selectable bottle shapes.
  • Another in-line module is the Sleever. Using sleeve technology we can continue offering top quality and a wide variety in packaging finishing to our customers.
2014 // Markus Neumann becomes General Manager Sales & Marketing

  • Markus Neumann becomes General Manager Sales & Marketing
2013 // IFS certification – Household and Personal Care

  • Since 2013 OTTO Cosmetic has been certified according to IFS standards for the purpose of product safety and transparency of the production chain.
  • Development of a cream-oil shower gel
  • Together with BOSTIK Limited UK, we have created a stand-up pouch for special applications, demonstrating once again excellence in the packaging development field. This is why we have been awarded the Worldstar Packaging Award and the Starpack Award of Excellence.
2012 // ISO 22716 : 2007

  • Since 2012 OTTO Cosmetic has been certified according to ISO 22716: 2007 for the manufacture and packaging of cosmetic products such as shampoos, shower gels and cleansers.
  • Building of a new, 1,840 m² shipping and handling facility for the provision of packaging, and bottling of the finished products for loading.
2011 // Development of the first shower gel with Q10 active substance

  • Development of the first shower gel with Q10 active substance
  • Opening of the new lab extension
2010 // Inauguration of the new social housing

  • Inauguration of the new social housing
2009 // Development of the washing foam and moulded pouch Kwáák!

  • Development of the washing foam and moulded pouch Kwáák!
2008 // More power and more flexibility

  • Re-certification of our management system to 31.12.2011
  • Commissioning of a new 20-ton preparation vessel
  • Introduction of lean production
  • Planning to expand the mixing plant, the laboratory and the office building
  • Transition from external to internal microbiological testing, to be able to react quicker and more flexibly
2006 // Increased capacities and recertification

  • Closure of the factory warehouse II and switch to an external logistics provider with increased capacity
  • Re-certification of our management system until 31.12.2008 at a repeat audit
2005 // New stand-up pouch and storage capacity

  • Development of a new stand-up pouch as primary packaging
  • Extension of the plant with an additional storage building and two truck-loading ramps
2004 // Introduction of Total Quality Management

  • Introduction of Total Quality Management (TQM) at OTTO Cosmetic
  • Implementation of flow scales at two lines (checkweigher)
2003 // ISO 90001:2000 certification

  • Certification ISO 90001:2000
2002 // 25th anniversary and innovations in production

  • OTTO Cosmetic celebrates 25th anniversary
  • Installation of a new water system in the mixing plant
  • Extension of the mixing plant and the storage tank, and installation of a pigging system
  • Commissioning of a new bag-filling line with spout
2001 // Implementation of an insect protection programme in accordance with GMP

  • Since the middle of 2001 OTTO Cosmetic has had an insect protection programme that meets the quality requirements of the GMP guidelines and the high requirements of our customers.
2000 // Opening of Plant II with fully automatic filling

  • Purchase of an external warehouse of 2,000 m² in Groß-Rohrheim – commissioning of a further, new automated bottling line according to the latest technology
1999 // New production hall and DIN EN ISO 9002 certification

  • Building of a new production hall
  • Certification by TÜV Rheinland, which states that OTTO Cosmetic complies with DIN EN ISO 9002
1998 // Change of the company name to OTTO Cosmetic

  • Change to OTTO Cosmetic, because the business has changed and packaging is no longer the main business
  • Packaging developments are now being marketed by the newly formed subsidiary System Tec
  • Commercialisation of the patented 300 DLS system by System Tec
1996 // German Packaging Prize for a cartridge system

  • German Packaging Prize and patent application for the cartridge system Mix & Ready
1995 // Development of a new filling plant

  • Development of a filling plant for pouch with spout
1994 // New high-speed filling line

  • Commissioning of the first high-speed filling line for stand-up pouches without spout
  • Investment in a 10-ton preparation vessel and a 20-ton storage vessel
1993 // OTTO Cosmetic is awarded the German Packaging Prize

  • OTTO Cosmetic wins the German Packaging Prize for the environmentally friendly blister packaging “cardboard on cardboard“
1992 // Product launch Pump & Spray system

  • Breakthrough with the Pump & Spray system (hair care)
1991 // Construction of the company headquarters

  • Construction of an office, warehouse and production facility in the new industrial area Groß-Rohrheim
1987 // Creation of the Contract Packaging division

  • Foundation of the subsidiary Stern-Verpackungs-Service, business area: contract packaging
1977 // Establishment of OTTO Verpackung

  • Registration of OTTO Verpackung in the commercial register; business area: commerce with spray systems and special packaging